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A List of Theses
recommended to do revising for
"Intercultural Business Communication”
Final Exam Test

1. Origins of the discipline "Intercultural/Cross-Cultural Business Communication”.

2. Interdisciplinary orientation of "Intercultural (Cross-Cultural) Communication”.

3. Cross-cultural communication studies: a theoretical background (Edward T. Hall, Clifford Geertz, Geert Hofstede, Fons Trompenaars).

4. Non-verbal communication as a constituent of doing cross-cultural business.

5.  Cross-cultural bias in modern business communication.

6. Cultural and religious peculiarities that make out the country under your study.

7. A profile of business meeting etiquette in the chosen country.

8. The table manners that make distinctions between Ukraine and the chosen country.

9. Business meeting etiquette in different countries.

10. Individual and corporate gifts giving in the world.

11.  The main leadership styles in the studied countries (the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, Japan, Spain, South Korea, Poland, Israel, France, Malaysia, etc.).

12. Business teambuilding and world cultures.   

13. Types of motivation in a cross-cultural teamwork

14. Intercultural/cross-cultural management.

15. TIME in world business cultures: a critical analysis.

16. Understanding the concept of time in the chosen country.

17. Language and speech as means for meeting of minds in cross-cultural business.

18.  Advertising in international business: cultural and marketing integration.

19.  A cross-cultural comparison of world economic brand names.

20.  Business negotiating from a cross-cultural perspective.


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