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A List of Theses
recommended to do revising for
"A Stylistic Aspect of Pragmatic Writing”
Final Exam Test

1. Purposes for a strategic writing.
2. An audience analysis as a component of effective writing.
3. The main steps of pragmatic writing as a process.
4. An Observing strategy in writing.
5. Techniques for writing about observations.
6. Observing: the writing process.
7. A Remembering strategy in writing.
8. Techniques for writing about memories.
9. Remembering: the writing process.
10.  An Investigating strategy in writing.
11. Techniques for an investigative writing.
12.  Investigating: the writing process
13.  An Explaining strategy in writing.
14. Techniques for explaining.
15.  Explaining: the writing process.
16.  An Evaluating strategy in writing.
17. Techniques for writing evaluations.
18.  Evaluating: the writing process.
19. A Problem Solving strategy in writing.
20. Techniques for solve problems writing.
21.  Problem Solving: the writing process.
22. An Arguing strategy in writing.
23. Techniques for arguing.
24.  Arguing: the writing process.
25.  Punctuation and mechanics as a tool of strategic writing.
26.  Pragmatic functions of vocabulary usage in English texts.
27.  Pragmatic functions of expressive means and syntactical devices of English syntax.
28. Stylistic Semasiology from a pragmatic perspective.
29.  Pragmatic Strategies in English Business Publicistic Articles.
30.  Pragmatic Strategies in English  Business Documents:  the Enquiry, Offers; Complains and Replies to Complaints. 

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