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A List of Theses
recommended to do revising for   
"Practical Stylistics of English”
Final Test


1.     The notion of stylistics as a branch of general linguistics. Types of stylistics and fields of investigation. The connection of stylistics with other branches of linguistics.

2.     The main stylistic notions: style, norm, form, text, context, speech, language, expressive means (EMs), stylistic devices (SDs), image.  - http://bagumyan.at.ua/index/working_definitions_and_principal_concepts/0-176

3.   The style of official documents

4.     The style of scientific prose.

5.     The newspaper style.

6.     The publicistic style.

7.     The belletristic style.

8.     Early forms of fiction. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/index/the_belles_lettres_style/0-181

9.     Literary and special colloquial styles.

10. Neutral words and common literary words.

11. Special literary vocabulary: terms, poetic words, archaic words, barbarisms and foreignisms, neologisms.

12. Common colloquial vocabulary: slang, jargonisms, professionalisms, dialectical words, vulgar words.

13. Idioms.

14. Morphological expressive means and stylistic devices.

15. Phonetic SDs. Rhyme. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/_fr/1/Sound_Features.pdf 

Rhythm. Metrical terms and scansion. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/_fr/1/Rhythm.pdf

Standard poetic forms. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/_fr/1/Standard_Poetic.pdf

 16. Graphic expressive means and stylistic devices.

 17. Lexico-semantic expressive means and stylistic devices: figures of substitution and figure of combination.

 18. Syntactic expressive means and stylistic devices.

 19. Imagery: types of images - http://bagumyan.at.ua/_fr/1/Figures_of_Spee.pdf

20. Symbols. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/_fr/1/Symbols.pdf

     21. A text structure. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/index/the_belles_lettres_style/0-181

22. A profile of linguistic text analysis. - http://bagumyan.at.ua/index/a_profile_of_linguistic_text_analysis/0-104


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