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A Profile of Linguistic Text Analysis


I.                  Information about the author:

which should provide a deeper insight into the message and style of the text under analysis.


II.               Message of the text:

the main idea (ideas) of the text and its contents in brief, main thematic lines and turns of the plot.


III.           General character of the text:

3.1.         the writer’s voice and tone:

3.1.1.   the type of narrative and narrator (subjectivized – in the first person; objectivized – in the third person);

3.1.2.   the choice of the point of view (the author’s point of view; the character’s point of view; the onlooker’s point of view);

3.1.3.   the form(s) of presentation (the author’s narrative – narration, meditations, description [panoramic, general view, close-up]; an outer/inner speech);

3.1.4.   types of characters: protagonist-antagonist.


IV.    A stylistic aspect of the text analysis:

4.1. determine the peculiarities of the author’s style and genre of the message; 

        4.2. investigate the title of the text and give a sense of it;

4.3. study possible logical parts of the text (exposition; beginning of the plot; plot complications; culmination; denouement; concluding part/ending);

4.4. explain the usage of expressive means (EM) and stylistic devices (SD) employed, choice of the vocabulary.  


V. Conclusion.



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