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A Profile of Pragmo-Linguistic Text Analysis
                                                                                 A writer is a reader moved to emulation.
                        Saul Bellow 

                                               The writer may write to inform, to explain, to entertain, to persuade, but whatever the purpose there should be, first of all, the satisfaction of the writer’s own learning
Donald Murray

I. Making a pragmatic aspect of  your analysis try to define:
    1.1. the purpose(s) of the written messages;
    1.2. the audience’s profile;  
    1.3. the writer’s voice and tone:
        1.3.1. the type of narrative and narrator (subjectivized – in the first person; objectivized – in the third person);
        1.3.2. the choice of the point of view (the author’s point of view; the character’s point of view; the onlooker’s point of view);
        1.3.3. the form(s) of presentation (the author’s narrative – narration, meditations, description [panoramic, general view, close-up]; an outer/inner speech).
II. Making a stylistic aspect of your analysis be able to:
    2.1. determine the applied style and genre of the message;  
    2.2. reveal the composing strategies for organizing or developing a topic:
        2.2.1. investigate the title of the text and give a sense of it;
        2.2.2. study possible logical parts of the text (exposition; beginning of the plot; plot complications; culmination; denouement; concluding part/ending) and set out their functions;
    2.3. find out the used techniques;    
    2.4. explain the usage of expressive means (EM) and stylistic devices (SD) employed.
III. Expert Researching: compare the author’s intention and the shaped message; brainstorm possible addressee’s misunderstandings, ambiguities, and information gaps in the text. Make your conclusion about the effectiveness of the message and suggest its possible improving (to sharpen the meaning, to make the organization clearer, to use appropriate vocabulary and techniques, etc.).       


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