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Non-Verbal Communication in Canada

Like the US, canadians don't rely a whole lot on nonverbal communication - it's usually only used to add emphasis to what's already being spoken. You will find that a number of Canadians have a dry sense of humor, some of which includes having fun at the expense of Americans.

 There a list of most frequent body movement, etiquette, gestures of Canada:

1. Beckon with index finger "COME HERE”.

2. Thumb pointing straight up, other fingers facing palm "GOOD”.
Form a circle with index and pointer fingers and have remaining fingers pointing straight up "OK”.

Hand clasping chin and slightly furrowed brow "THINKING”.

It is polite to maintain good eye contact.

Men rise when women enter the room.

It is consider bad manners to eat while on street.

People stand about a half-meter apart when conserving.

Women greet with a slight nod.

Men greet with a firm handshake.

Small town people beep the horn when they pass a friend's house, or see a person on the street that they know. If you meet someone you know, a nod of the head is pretty common.

Canadians will hold a door open for you.

If you drop something on the street, they will help you pick it up. If they find a cell phone, they will go to the Police station to turn it in, so it can be retrieved by the right full owner. They have a national "lost key" return system that is run by the War Amps of Canada, a group that employs disabled military veterans. If your keys are found, they can be dropped in any mail box in the world and the War Amps will get them in the mail, and contact you, then send them to your home by courier delivery.
14. It is considered bad manners in Canada to wear your shoes in someone’s house. Take them off at the door, please.
15. In Quebec, kissing on the cheeks in the French manner is quite common. When close friends and family meet in Quebec, they use first names and kiss both cheeks.
An older French Canadian man may kiss the hand of a woman. Accept this gesture graciously. A foreign man shouldn't kiss the hand of a French Canadian woman, who would be quite shocked.
Take off your hat or sunglasses when speaking with someone.
Some gestures have different meanings in Quebec. For example, "thumbs down" is considered offensive in Quebec, as is slapping an open palm over a closed fist. Like the rest of their countrymen and women, French-Canadians use the "thumbs up" sign to mean "okay. »The "okay" sign made with the index finger and thumb means "zero" in Quebec.
In Quebec, sit straight with your legs crossed at the knee, or with your knees, together. Don't sit with your legs apart, or with your feet propped up on tables or chairs.

It's considered bad form by many in Quebec to talk with your hands in your pockets.

Sneeze or blow your nose as quietly as possible using a handkerchief or tissue. If possible, leave the room. Do not yawn or scratch in public. Toothpicks, nail clippers, and combs are never used in public.

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