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Mary Ryazanovskaya

Session 1
    Our leadership slogan is "a world is governed by Order”. Germans believe that everything and everyone has a place in a grand design calculated to produce maximum efficiency. Also they think that true Order is achievable, provided that sufficient rules, regulations and procedures are firmly in place.

Session 2
    Today’s leadership style is hierarchy and consensus. There is a clear chain of command in each department and information and instructions are passed down from the top. Skills and good education are in a great demand for chief; all discussions must be made with person of upper positions. It is also important to know that in task-orientation mode their basic values dominate strategies.

Session 3
    The information about a conceptual model of Germany will help business people to deal with Germans. In order to cooperate with them, foreigners should admit norms in Germany; they also must have adequate formal qualifications to make an initial impression. Germans hate misunderstandings, so details and clarity are extremely important; also punctuality and orderliness are basic. But it is surely can be said that German management is not exclusively autocratic. The vertical structure in each department is clear, so considerable value is placed on consensus. Germans welcome close instructions, so knowing their love to details, business partners could say their information twice or more times. Another fact in dealing with Germans is their resisting to changes. Generally, their managers are slow to accept changes partly because of their strong aversion to risk. All these characteristics will help in understanding between cultures.

Session 4
    Germany – one of the most serious players in economic and business world. Surely one of the reasons of it – its leaders, who lead their country to the top of success. You can find plenty of names in the history of Germany, whose names are well-known all over the world: they are politicians, economists, philosophers and artist. Nowadays Germany also has clever and powerful people, who help their country to develop and flourish: Michael Diekmann (owner of Allianz AG), Hubert Burda (owner of Hubert Burda Media), Rolf Gerling (director of Gerling Konzern) and others. I think they became famous and rich people only because of their cultural feature – to do all the best, with maximum control and attention to details, with desire to perfect everything they do.

Session 5
    Reasons of cultural shock in Germany and failure in business could be only absence of attentiveness. I believe that every culture can be understood, but for this you must have enough knowledge and patience, must make attention on details and be prepared to calm down your own cultural features in order to deal with other people in other countries. If person work in foreign country then he should obey and accept rules and views in this place – then he could effectively do his work without some misunderstandings and sorrowful consequences.


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