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Ulyana Zaspa #3141

Common Nonverbal Communication (Gestures) in Scotland

Handshaking is used less frequently than in other European countries.

The appropriate way to get a waiters’ attention at the restaurant is to raise the hand. 

To get the check, make the motion of signing a check on your hand. 

The proper sitting etiquette in Scotland is for men to cross their legs at the knee, and for women to cross their legs at the ankle.

Be careful when using the "V” for victory gesture. When the palm is facing outward this gesture means victory. However, if the palm in facing inward while the fingers symbol a "V” the meaning changes to "Up yours!” which is an offensive comment.

When agreeing to a bet in Scotland, two people lick their thumbs, say "Bets,” and then press their thumbs together.

In Scotland, tapping the index finger on the side of the nose multiple times implies the saying, "Keep it a secret”

People tend to walk on the left and pass on the right.

People usually point using one finger. Just not the middle one


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